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    During warm summer months air conditioning becomes a necessity for many homes. The Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Specialists at White Chimney are trained and certified to provide the highest quality service for any of your air conditioning needs. Air conditioning units themselves are intensely complex mechanical systems, and like any tightly calibrated machine, they can fail to perform at maximum efficiency for numerous reasons.


    Some of the most common reasons for an underperforming air conditioning unit include: a leaky refrigerant charge, dirty filters, a clogged condensation line and improper airflow. In addition to preventing an air conditioning unit from properly cooling a home, many of these issues force the AC unit to work harder, resulting in a less efficient cooling process and potentially higher energy bills. Routine air conditioning unit checkups help prevent these problems from occurring and keep your unit functioning at a high level.

    In addition to these problems, the main cause for an air conditioning unit not functioning properly is simply its size. Air conditioning units are designed to cool specific size dimensions. Unlike other home units, one size does not necessarily fit all. White Chimney focuses on providing your home with a correctly sized air conditioning unit to ensure your home constantly remains at a comfortable temperature.


    Whether your home is in need of a new air conditioning unit, you have a broken air conditioning unit or you are just ready for a routine checkup, our employees have the training and expertise needed to ensure that your home stays cool year round.