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    Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

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    White Chimney specializes in the cleaning and inspection of chimneys. Chimneys covering traditional wood-burning fireplaces encounter soot residue, while chimneys covering gas-burning fireplaces face the potential of debris blockage. During our effective cleaning process, White Chimney removes any particle or debris buildup and restores your chimney to its original state. This process plays an important role in the protection of both your chimney and your home.


    During its lifetime, a chimney accumulates soot, or creosote, from burning wood in the fireplace below. This buildup, although gradual, leads to potential hazardous consequences. When creosote buildup reaches significant levels and a hot enough temperature, a resulting chimney fire can occur.  While entirely preventable, chimney fires result in an intensely hot fire, produce a dense, dark smoke, can damage the structure of your home, and in severe cases, can injure or potentially kill homeowners.

    Structural damages resulting from chimney fires include the damaging of the outer masonry (i.e. mortar, tile, liner) and can potentially open a pathway for the fire to reach a house’s wooden frame. In addition to the safety risks posed by an unclean chimney, our inspections prevent aesthetic difficulties from arising as well. Creosote buildup and decaying debris can accumulate in the chimney and lead to an unpleasant odor.


    The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that chimneys be inspected and cleaned at least once a year, regardless of your chimney use frequency. White Chimney’s cleaning services include the cleaning and inspection of your chimney’s brick, firebox, chimney flue and smoke chamber, ensuring a safe and odor-free chimney. To have your chimney cleaned and inspected call White  Chimney today.