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    Fireplace Installation

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    White Chimney offers effective home installation of both gas log and ventless fireplaces. When determining which fireplace best fits your home, it is important to understand the differences of gas log and ventless fireplaces. Ventless heaters traditionally operate using either gas or propane as the fuel source, and they often offer better overall heat output than a gas log fireplace.


    Additionally, a ventless heater stands as an individual unit, meaning it does not require a chimney or flue. Our specialists have the capability to install ventless heaters in nearly any home.


    Gas or propane ventless heaters require only a connection to a supply line and work using indoor air combustion. In 2002, the National Fire Protection Association started regulating both the CO2 output and oxygen levels surrounding ventless heaters, ensuring that your home remains 100% safe at all times. Ventless heaters essentially offer many of the same benefits as traditional wood burning fireplaces without the need to install a ventilation system.

    Gas log fireplaces, on the other hand, often replace a traditional wood burning fireplace in order to utilize the existing chimney and flue structure. Gas log fireplaces excel by providing an extremely realistic flame (wrapping around the fake wood in a manner consistent with traditional wood-burning fireplaces) without the required hassle of hauling in and cleaning away wood and ashes.


    While gas log fireplaces do require a ventilation source to remove any emissions, top-venting pipes can take the place of a chimney and flue. Additionally, gas log fireplaces can be installed using a direct venting system, which uses outside air to provide internal combustion. Either gas log or ventless heaters provide a marked upgrade over the traditional wood burning system, and our staff guarantees a quick and easy installation for whichever fireplace you choose.