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    Furnace Installation & Repair

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    In addition to our air conditioning installation and repair specialties, White Chimney excels in both furnace installation and repair services. As a precaution, we recommend a furnace checkup at least once a year. An inefficient furnace not only fails to heat your home, but it also operates using an enormous amount of energy and can cause your home energy bills to skyrocket.


    Most furnace or heater problems stem from a couple of specific reasons. Dirty filters restrict the airflow pertaining to your furnace and can cause the machine to operate extremely inefficiently. While dirty filters can be simply exchanged, normal mechanical wear and tear results from years of use and can be prevented simply by proper maintenance and care of your unit.

    Routine furnace examinations often extend the useful life of your furnace by identifying and correcting any mechanical issues before they cause permanent damage. Another easily identifiable problem results from a malfunction of your thermostat. Thermostat malfunctions result in your furnace heating your home to undesirable levels, either too hot or too cold, and can be easily fixed by our trained specialists.


    Eventually, however, every furnace needs to be replaced, and we offer both gas and electric furnaces in order to meet your furnace needs.  When picking a furnace for your home, we recommend you talk to our experts in order to properly assess your needs, and identify the furnace that most effectively satisfies your specific home’s requirements.